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I love Sundays.  Sundays are special days for our family.  For me it’s always the best day of the week.  Either we have something special for dinner, and everyone helps out prepare for it, or we go out and have dinner in a restaurant.  Sundays are bonding days for our family.  No matter how tied up David is with work, he makes time on Sundays just for the family.  And what makes it even more special is that my mom comes over to have dinner with us every Sunday.  It feels so good to have all the people I love the most around me every Sunday! 

Last Sunday, David decided that we were having dinner out.  Since we were all going out together, we also decided that it was an opportunity to get our family picture taken at a professional studio.  So we went to SM North at Great Image studio.  We were so glad it would only take about an hour and a half for the pictures to be ready.   So we had the our photos taken, and proceeded to Seattles Best at the Block for a little bit, to have coffee.  Meantime, our two teenagers went around the mall to shop for stuff they wanted to buy.  


                 …..she just loves her strawberry milkshake!

Anyway, when the kids were done with their shopping, we had dinner at Burgoo.  Dinner was great, we all enjoyed the meal.  Mom was a bit late for dinner.  She came all the way from SM Megamall just to have dinner with us.  I was so glad she could come!



After dinner, we took a walk around the mall, claimed our pictures at the studio, and headed for home.  On our way home, we stopped by at Mom’s LPG refilling station at Mindanao Avenue for a few minutes and she showed us her office and her new resting room in the building.  Her place really looks good! 

While looking around at Mom’s office, my kids found an old stained picture of me with my mom and my siblings, taken at my grandmother’s house when we were still kids.  We all looked funny in this picture….  take a look!

…I happen to be that silly-looking girl in white and blue stripes, unfortunately the one whose face was stained the worst in the picture.  We were not complete in this photo, though.  My dad’s not in it, and my last two siblings weren’t born yet when this was taken.  Yes, people, we are plenty!  LOL! 


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