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Valentines Day with Peter Cetera

Last night was the concert of Peter Cetera at the Araneta Coliseum.  A few threads back, I mentioned that  I was looking forward to this event on valentines day…

…and yes… we were there!  Hubby wouldn’t let me miss this concert!

You shouldn’t have either…It was simply awesome!  Peter Cetera serenaded the audience with his beautiful songs, together with the FILharmoniKA.  The FILharmoniKA, by the way, is the most in-demand orchestra in the country today. Composed of the country’s finest musicians, it is lead by music director Gerard Salonga, who, if I’m not mistaken, is the younger brother of the famous Filipina singer, (and my idol too!) Ms. Lea Salonga!   You can read more about the FILharmoniKA in their site  

The concert began with the FILharmoniKA’s beautiful rendition of the different songs of Peter Cetera, and I have to say that they were outstanding! I was also able to record a portion of their performance at the beginning of the concert… 

It was soooooo wonderful!  I just can’t describe it!  He sang several of his hit songs, “Glory of Love”, “After all”, “If you leave me now”, “Next time I fall”, etc.  We were  totally blown away!

The best part of the concert was when Peter Cetera sang the song You’re The Inspiration, where he asked the audience to sing along, and for everyone to light their cellphones as the chorus came along… sooo beautiful!  The whole coliseum was surrounded by little sparkling lights like stars in the skies!  It was such a moment of love for everyone!  The concert was such a success, I really wish Peter Cetera would come back again soon!

After the concert, we went out to have our late dinner at Burgoo’s.  Then we had coffee at Starbucks, where we hung out, relaxed and talked silly sweet nothings till 1am.  It was a wonderful evening for both of us… I just loved this day!

Before I finally end this post, I’d like to thank my new facebook friend Ms. Jacquelyn Vargas, who allowed me to post some pictures of the concert from her facebook profile.  You’ll find these pictures below the videos… thanks again, Ms. Jacquelyn!

And, of course, the amazing FILharmoniKA!

 More Pictures of Peter Cetera & the FILharmoniKA!


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