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“The way to LOVE anything is to realize that…

in love

…it may be LOST.” – by GK Chesterton(writer). This quote struck me so much because it made me realize how much I love the person I love. This feeling is so much deeper than infatuation. You realize you love a person when you begin to feel that need to have him or her being in your life. Remember those words of Jerry Maguire to his wife on that touching moment when he was dawned upon the realization that he couldn’t live without her?.. “you complete me”. Those words just touched my heart so much! and when she responded to him saying..”you had me at hello!” i just couldn’t help the tears fall from my eyes! I couldn’t help imagining myself being separated from this person I love so much and the feeling of being incomplete! Love is such a splendored thing.. it compasses everything. No words can be accurate enough to describe it. And when you have it, don’t, just DON’T let it go!

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