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life is so short.   To feel the essence of life one must live every moment to the fullest. i realized this nearly a year ago when God finally gave me the chance to feel happiness and the essence of my life. so what is happiness all about, anyway? it’s being content, being satisfied. having what you want, and nourishing every second God has given you what you asked for, that is the essence. life will never be perfect…. as everyone would want it to be. there are ups and downs, highs and lows.   They all come, and they all go.  But when you pray for something and God answers the prayer, the thing is to FEEL it, to ENJOY it,  and, to appreciate the essence of life. there may be challenges that come along with it, what the heck?   You’ve got what you asked for, right? be thankful!

my life has never been perfect. been through a whole lot.  But God has kept me up all the time. the changes that have occurred in my life in 2006 were marvelous, unexpected, and unforseen.  Sometimes, to other people, they are unacceptable.  The year 2006 unraveled to me the true essence of my life.  It was then i suddenly realized that God had been listening to me all the time!  Gosh!  There are billions of people praying to Him out there!  But here He was all the time, listening, hearing and answering my prayer!  I cannot ask for anything more.   Today,  I live grateful and satisfied for everything I have.  I taste and nourish the true essence of life.   There may be trials and challenges attached to my answered prayers, but yes, I do accept them and  I am willing to face them all!   I know He is always listening, watching and guiding me in everything I do. I truly believe that He loves me will always be there for me, and  THAT IS THE ESSENCE OF MY LIFE!

Thank You so much for everything… i am truly grateful for this life You have given me!

 Here’s a little collection of photos I made to share with you the beauty of this life… and I call it  "My Life"… happy viewing!  Click here to view slideshow "My Life"

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    Chia Polycarp Ndikvu
    Posted July 25, 2009 8:33 pm 0Likes

    Hi I envy you. Luck is when prepardness meets with opportunity. Pray for my as I struggle to get funds for my Research. PhD student No. UB009273 University of Buea. Fac of science. Dept of Plant and Animal sciences University of Buea.Cameroon Central Africa

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