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Last October 30th was the Halloween Party at our little Angelee’s preschool.  I had been so busy the week before, shopping for a nice princess dress and accessories that she would be wearing for the party.  Then, about a day before the party, the weather reports were all about the coming of the intense typhoon “Santi”.  As a matter of fact, Santi was “scheduled” to hit Manila on October 30!  I was so worried that after all that shopping (and spending), the party wasn’t going to push through after all….

So on the morning of the 30th, I got up and checked the weather.  Wow, it was a sunny morning!  I was soo glad!  I quickly called the school to ask what time the party was supposed to begin.  Teacher Cris advised me to make sure that Angelee was in school by 9:00AM.   I hurriedly woke the little girl up to prepare her for the event…she looked really cute in her new dress!  And  she was so excited! 

Anyway, the weather turned out to be very cooperative that morning.  The sun was shining really warm!  There were several performances by the pre-schoolers, games and trick or treat!  The children had so much fun!

Here’s a slideshow and video of the party and Angelee’s dance number with her pre-school classmates at TCAPS…


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