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Oh yes, it’s that time of the year again!  I just put up our new "parol" (Christmas lantern) two days ago and everything now looks Christmassy everywhere!


Aaah, yess….just the way I want it!  Pretty huh!  It’s actually the first time I got something like this.  A friend was selling it to me when we were chatting online, and I just had to get hubby to take a close look and voila!  My dear friend got her sale for the day…. hahaha!  And there you have it…. parol straight from Pampanga!

Anyway, there are other real goodies I’m looking forward to during the Christmas season.  And I’m pretty sure everyone would want to have some too…..


here we have the delicious Bibingka and the mouth-watering Puto Bungbong!  yummmeeeeee!   And the best place to get them real good?   Right here…..

So come on Christmas people…. let’s all enjoy them while they last!   Seasons Greetings to Everyone!


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