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Report Card Day

Today was report card day.   I asked my Mr. Workaholic to get off work just for a few hours to accompany me as I had to go all the way to Caloocan City for Angelo’s report card, then back to Quezon City for Angela’s report card too. 

On a hot  and humid summer day like this, travelling all the way to Caloocan City was a such miserable experience.  Fortunately, my brother Jonas was on his way to pick Mom up at The Wave Ballroom, so we took a ride with him until North Avenue, where we got off and transferred to a taxi.  

Inspite of this hot and humid day, we were so happy to see the grades of Angelo as his report card was released to us this afternoon.  With a General Average of 90.8279, my son is number 1 in his class!  This is so wonderful!  We took a really quick late lunch at Max, then proceeded next to Angela’s  school at Quezon City.  Again, we were so elated to see her grades too!  They both did very well this schoolyear and we’re really very, very proud of them! 

Just as soon as we got home, the kids came running to greet us and were both excited to see their grades.  So proud of his accomplishment, Angelo asks Dad if he could attend that swimming party his class was going to have.  Well, what can else can Dad say?   

Anyway, so here I am, once again, bragging about our kids, who definitely make us feel their appreciation for all that we do for them!





just another proud mom…

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  • Keli
    Posted April 13, 2008 9:34 am 0Likes

    Looks like you have a lot to be proud of! Congrats! Obviously you’ve done some very right things as a parent.

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