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A few months ago I first posted this family picture that was taken one Christmas day at our Lola (grandma)’s house….

Ok… in this picture, standing from Left to right are as follows:  Mommy, Edgar, Ronald, Paulyn, Adrian, Bernard, Jonas and vivian.  The baby on the center table was the youngest at that time, Lorraine. 

Meanwhile, here is another picture I found, taken some 12 years ago during one of my Mom’s birthday celebrations.  Unfortunately, we haven’t had another one taken yet, since this one:

 Now, now take a look at that picture!  Everyone has grown up!  Even the brother who wasn’t born yet when the first picture was taken has already grown up in this shot! LOL! 

Anyway, let me identify each member, once again.  Standing from Left to right are: Adrian, Harold (the youngest brother who wasn’t born yet when the first picture was taken), Edgar, Bernard, Jonas, Ronald.  Seated from left to right are: Vivian, Paulyn, Mommy, and Lorraine.

 I just love looking back at old pictures like these!  It makes me remember those days when we were all just kids…. all eight of us under one roof… you can just imagine what it was like for Mom and Dad… hahaha! 

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