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My first PSD conversion to xhtml-css

Well hello world!  I’m just about to brag about my first accomplishment for the month of January 2009! 

Well can you guess yet?  I just completed the first  PSD conversions to xhtml assignments that hubby has given me….. oh and I am so toooootally proud of myself!   Here, just take  look!

My first assignment – (just click the images for larger viewing) –

and this is how my work looks like –

my dreamweaver file – and oh yes, I already learned how to use Adobe Dreamweaver and Adobe Fireworks!!!

my codes and stylesheet for this assignment:


That was just my first assignment.  And it took me like 2 weeks to work on that!  And I drove hubby TOTALLY CRAZY while working on that… hahaha!  Anyway, the next two assignments, I finished in like 2 days each, I guess I finally got the hang of it now.    And here’s how they look –

My second PSD conversion assignment –

my codes and stylesheet –


This third assigment, I downloaded a free PSD template from the internet so I could continue my practice…


the codes and stylesheets that I posted are just portions of the entire assignments.  I just wanted to give y’all an idea of the work that I’ve been doing during the past few days…




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