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Let’s face it. Everyone is addicted to something. I doesn’t have to be some drug or whatever, it can be anything you just can’t live without. I admit, I am addicted to SEVERAL things. I love coffee. I can’t live without it. The first thing I do when I wake up is reach for my coffee mug. Yes, I don’t use a coffee cup. I use a coffee MUG, a BIG mug. It doesn’t matter what time of day I get up, I must have my mug of coffee.  Next in line is smoking. (hope Mom never lays her eyes on this blog!)  I can’t have my coffee without it’s partner, and you know what it is. I can’t remember the day I started smoking, but whenever that was, since then I never stopped. Well, I took a break. That was about the time when I was pregnant with Ageebear, and well the addiction came right back after I gave birth. I know it’s probably for this same reason I find it hard to gain weight.  To this very day,  achieving the 100lbs weight is still a goal for me. Hopefully sometime soon, I will gain weight. I do control my smoking urge every now and then, when Mom’s around, or when my fiance and I are in a meeting. I could last a few hours without it. But the minute I get the opportunity to satisfly the urge, I GIVE IN!

Anyway, back to my addictions, another thing I can’t seem to live without is my little make-up kit.  I hate this reality but the little stuff I keep in it seems so necessary in my life – the powder, the lipstick, the eyebrow pencil and the comb. I guess these have to be things some women can’t really do without.  I used to be totally – as in, TOTALLY addicted to that kit, until my fiance decided I should stop working and stay home everyday. These days I would only need them whenever we go out.

Now, the most important addiction in my life. I could probably do away with all the rest, but the most important needs in my life are PEOPLE:  David, Angela, Angelo and Angelee. I cannot and definitely will not see myself waking up one day away from any one of them. Any single one of them. For me, they are a package. Losing one of them is like having a body without a leg.  Or an arm. I don’t care about the noise, the arguments, the grouchiness, the riots and everything else that goes on inside the house, these are all music to my ears. As far as I’m concerned this is what makes me HAPPY. An addiction that makes me COMPLETE.

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