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Life is like a long journey that’s constantly changing.  No one ever knows what happens next.  The only thing that we know for sure is what has already occurred in our life.. our past.  But what’s next? Where we will go?  All that remains to be seen.

As we travel along this journey, there are so many different things and events that we have to face in life.  There are happy events, sad moments, times of trials, disappointments and other moments of frustration. These are all part of the journey of life.  The best things I always look forward to are those moments of miracles.

What is a miracle, anyway?  In my opinion, a miracle is something unusual or unexpected that occurs in one’s day to day life.  Something unexpected, unexplainable.  So when would you consider an event in your day-to-day life as a miracle?  Life is a bundle of miracles.  Sometimes, there’s too much we don’t even recognize them as miracles any longer… but take a second look, and you’ll just realize they don’t happen out of the ordinary! 

Birth of a New Star

Waking up in the morning, or whatever time of the day you wake up…. that, in itself, is a miracle.  Can you believe you aren’t one of those people who never got the chance to wake up from their sleep?  You’re alive!  Isn’t that a miracle?  God actually gave you another day to do whatever plans or whatever things you had in mind to do for the day!  And for me, the best part of that miracle is that I wake up with two eyes that can see everything around me perfectly, arms and limbs that allow me to walk around to see, feel and appreciate the rest of the miracles that are all around me – my family, my life, and everything else that God has given me!  Come to think of it, while there are people who wake up lonely and alone, unwanted, unneeded, here I am, waking up with the person I love the most, fast asleep right next to me, my kids all coming to give me their good morning kiss, and my dog!  My gosh, she’s so excited and jumping all over me like she missed me all night long!  Just a few minutes after I’ve opened my eyes, and I’ve got tons to thank God for!  So you can just imagine how much more there is to come during the next hours in a whole day’s time!

Everyone has their own definition of a miracle. How many miracles we experience in life would only depend on how we interpret what a miracle is. Each day, we all experience both big and small miracles. Whatever we do with these miracles is our own personal choice.  And when we do experience miracles, we should be able to recognize them, and be thankful, for not everyone is truly blessed, and make the most of these miracles we experience in life! 

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