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Dear Dad,

First of all, I want to wish you a Happy Birthday. I know that our life, during my childhood days was not perfect. There were days when we were happy, and days when we were sad too. You were strict, but very wise. I learned a lot from you.

I know that if I had not learned from all these valuable teachings, I would not know how to be a parent, most especially at this time where my own children are fast growing into young adults.

Sooner or later, my children will grow up, and will have their own lives. I know in my heart that I have and am constantly teaching them the values that you have taught me as I grew up.

I thank you, Dad, for everything, and I want you to know that I will remember you as a great man until the day I die. I love you and I pray that you are happy and peaceful wherever you are right now.

Your loving daughter,


PS. Here’s a video of the piano piece that you always asked me to play whenever you had friends around…

..and as sung by your favorite group, the TRIO LOS PANCHOS..

… I really miss you, Dad…

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