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Way back my high school days, my dad was strict with me.  Oh, yes, he would allow me to parties and get-togethers once in a while, but not without a chaperone.  My eldest brother would always have to accompany me and wait for me until 12 midnight, I should be ready to go home.    I hated those rules, but I had to obey them.   Come to think of it, my brother probably hated those rules too!  Imagine having to wait outside while I was partying inside?  He must have been bored to death all the time!  I never thought about that before!

A few weeks ago, our eldest daughter asked our permission to attend the Graduation Ball of a friend – a boy. It was the very first time she ever asked permission to attend an event with a boy.  You see, our daughter has been studying in an all-girls school for the last 10 years of her life.  She has asked our permission to go out with her girl-friends before, but since this time it is a boy who asked her to be his date on his Graduation Ball, this totally different.  We were like….oh…my…. so who’s the boy?  

Well, to cut the story short, she did get permission to attend the graduation ball.  But there were rules to comply with.  Memories of my teenage years suddenly came pouring like rain in my thoughts…harharhar!  History repeating itself, I thought.    But hey, we just wanted to meet the boy before he gets to bring our precious daughter anywhere!  Not so difficult, is it?

The young lad came by a week before the event.  Well, he’s a nice boy.  Very courteous and polite.  Am I so glad they still have nice polite boys these days!   Hubby asked him about the details of the event – where it was going to be held, what time he would come to pick her up and bring her home – and that was it!  We felt that he was so tensed at that moment, so we tried to keep the conversation short and direct to the point.   He was probably so relieved that it didn’t turn out like an interview…LOL!

Anyway, the day of the Graduation Ball came, and yes, we were quite pleased that the rules were followed.   She was fetched at the house and brought home a bit earlier than we expected – turns out his dad had stiffer rules for him than we have for our daughter.  They were fetched by his dad half an hour earlier than they planned to go home, so she arrived home early, safe and sound…and I am so relieved! 

Nice and pretty for the event!

Miguel and Angela back home after the Grad Ball

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