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Yesterday, my fiance and I went out for a client call. We were a bit late for the meeting time, but fortunately, he had a visitor when we arrived. While quietly waiting, I found myself saying a little prayer that things would turn out well in this meeting. I asked forgiveness for all my shortcomings and promised to make changes in myself. Suddenly realized that about a month ago, I sat on that same chair, saying exactly the same prayer I was saying at that moment. Last month, my prayer was granted. But as I look back,  I realized that I made a promise I wasn’t able to keep all throughout the month.  And here I was, asking again.

About a few more minutes later, we were finally called into the office of the client. I was a bit nervous. I knew I broke my promise the last time, and if I were in His shoes, I surely would be the type of person who would not give another chance.  I didn’t deserve it. Yet I kept on hoping and praying inside my head. The meeting turned out great, just as we hoped for!  Amazingly, my prayer was granted, again!

On our way home, we talked about how hard we both prayed each time we went on our client calls. I talked about all the promises I’ve made in the past, all the promises I’ve broken, and yet my prayers were still granted. I realized how untrue I was to my own words, and yet I was heard. How many of us have realized this in our lives? That God is such a forgiving God.  No matter how undeserving we are, no matter what we have done, He always hears us in the hour of our need.  All we have to do is ASK.  It’s a matter of believing, a matter of faith. It’s a matter of being humble enough to acknowledge our mistakes, but God forgives. A matter of accepting that God and only God can give us what we need, so long as we ASK for them. Yes, my friends, have faith because God answers prayers.

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