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There are times in our life we become such forgetful human beings.  It’s such a sad reality, but it happens.  God showers us with blessings and we enjoy them, yes we do!  And while we enjoy everything He bestows upon us, we tend to forget.  We tend to forget where it all came from…from Whom it all came from.


Our God is a faithful God.  He never forgets.  He is always in our midst, listening to every word we say, watching us in everything we do.  He brings us happiness… and knows when things aren’t doing well for us.   It’s just a sad reality that sometimes, we only remember Him when things go wrong.  And stil, inspite of our iniquities, our shortcomings, our forgetfulness, He is always there to lift us out of our pain and misery.  He is such a Wonderful God!  And I am just an overwhelmed human being.  I get so disappointed with myself when I forget.  I hate myself, I am so undeserving.  But He forgives us.  He is a loving, a forgiving God.  I am so sorry my Lord…I pray for a faithful heart, Lord, as faithful as Yours, that I may never forget Your presence in my life.  I am truly grateful for this Wonderful Love You never fail to give me… and I pray that I never have those moments of forgetfulness.. take it all away from me, O Lord..

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