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This has been a rather busy, yet quite pleasing week for me.  The second quarter of the school year had just begun a few weeks ago, and the grades of all my children for the first quarter were released to me this week.  I had to personally pick up the report card from each of the 3 schools, and for me, it was all well worth it!

First of all, our little kindergartener is Top #1 in her class for the first quarter.  That’s my smart baby girl!   On the other hand, our son, a freshman in high school, is Top #5 in his class, which by the way, is the cream section of the first year high school level.    Finally, the eldest, a high school graduating student did well too, herself, though we know she can do even better.   All in all…I am absolutely overwhelmed! 

Yesterday morning I enjoyed the honor of going up the stage to receive recognition for my son’s achievement in school for the first quarter.  I was extremely proud to be up there among the other parents whose children were on the honor roll too.   Plus, during the same program, his class performed in an intermission number, their performance was really great! 

Here’s a sneak preview of their performance on stage at school yesterday….

 Angelo’s grades


Angela’s grades

 Angelee’s grades


 I am very thankful for everything, and I do pray that my children will continue to value their education this way, or even more, until they have all finished school and have achieved their own goals in life!

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