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Have you ever tried Ballroom Dancing?  During my younger days, friends would tell me that Ballroom Dancing was for old people.  I thought so for a long, long time.  Then one day, when my mom finally got my feet on the ballroom dance floor… the words Ballroom Dancing changed my life!  I became addicted to it… well until a certain period of time…

Anyway, last Saturday evening, my hubby and I decided to take a break from work.  It was a timely break for both of us, since we had been so tied up with work continuously for a couple of weeks.  Our weekend break began with a couple of bowling games, and hubby had some good exercise with a few rounds of bowling at the SM City Bowling Lanes.  After that, we proceeded to The Wave Ballroom where we had great dinner and I had great dancing too!

i have always loved the swing.  of all the dance steps I have learned throughout my younger years, the swing has been my all-time favorite.  For me it’s a dance that’s full of energy.  You exercise while dancing it…especially with the double-step swing.    And when you’ve learned to dance the steps well, you feel so awfully beautiful while dancing it…and yessss that’s the best part of it, isn’t it?

I haven’t been dancing constantly for several years now, but last Saturday night, at The Wave Ballroom, I was quite amazed that I could still dance the swing.  In the beginning, I wasn’t confident that i could still dance, but as the music went on, I let my feet follow the beat of the music.  it was wonderful!  I just needed that exercise!  I guess I should go dancing more often again!  




Below is a video taken of me by my hubby as I danced the swing last Saturday night at The Wave Ballroom located at #39 Mindanao Avenue, Quezon City.  It’s a great dancing place, great and inexpensive food, the music – wow, its for modern ballroom dancing… you can actually ballroom dance to the current songs you love!   And if you need a dance instructor when you feel like dancing, you can just contact the manager Jonas (cel #0922-8183207) and he’ll recommend and connect you to the available instructors (male or female) for the evening!  

 So do you have to wait till you grow old before you realize that dancing is good for you?  Dance away now!

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