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Life can sometimes be a series of struggles, hardships, difficulties and trials.  But when you take a look at life as a whole, is it really only about struggles? Do we recognize the blessings that are given to us from the moment we open our eyes each day? Do we only see the struggles and misery, and take less notice of everything else around us that are all blessings from Him? Do we even remember to give thanks for all the blessings around us inspite of the trials that we are going through? And when things are better… do we realize that He was around us through it all? 

There are times we tend to overlook and take for granted all the blessings around us.   Take a look again.   Within those struggles, there are blessings that you don’t see.  Little things like knowing you were given LIFE, the opportunity to see this day, the opportunity to be with the people you love and love you.  You were given family.   You were given the gift of wisdom to think wisely,  to figure out how you will get by these trials.  These are things that are truly amazing, yet we seem to overlook them more often than not.   But our God is truly a gracious God.  He provides us for us.  He is there for us, even when we don’t realize it.  Even when we don’t deserve it.  

Here’s an excerpt from an interesting post  written by T.O Smith from Limitless Reality that opens our eyes on how one can enjoy the blessings of God, appreciate and be grateful for them knowing that God has been so gracious to us to provide for our needs, and to return to Him Who has provided for us, as an act of love for it all came from Him and Him alone…


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