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i am a mother of three children. my eldest daughter, now a teenager at 14, my pre-teen 11-year old son, and my bubbly 3-year old baby girl are all angels in my eyes. They are like gifts from God who make me complete, make my life a reason for living.

i remember the moment i first felt life growing inside my tummy 14 years ago (i gave birth on December that same year, i began dreaming about how he or she would be some 20 years from that day.   i began planning my life on how i would raise him or her, how i would want their child-life to be, their teen-age life to be until he or she would be old enough to decide for his or her own future.  There was just one goal, one persistent goal that went on and on even until i bore my last child.. and that is to have each and every one of them finish college…and make their lives as they want it to be.

As a mother, I have taught my kids to dream, to have ambitions and goals in life, and I do all I can to continuously motivate them to have the drive to reach their ambitions.  When my daughter turned 13, I slowly began to feel in her the results of my efforts to mold her into a young achiever.  My heart leaps each time i see her challenging herself into doing something better than she did before!

My son, on the other hand, always leaves a big question mark in my mind whether I’m ever driving to a point each time I try to challenge him.   He comes home from school each day looking always so happy-go-lucky, sits a few minutes on the desk to do school work and spends the rest of the evening in front of the television, texting or chatting with his classmates (the same kids he spent the whole day with!) on yahoo messenger!  One thing that amazes me most about him is that at the end of each quarter, he hands me grades with flying colors all the time!

I have a simple dream, and that is just to have them all finish college. Whatever comes after that dream is for them to have, for them to decide.  At this point in time I am simply thankful for being blessed with children, who in their own way, listen to me and accept the guidance that I am give them, while other parents are going through too much struggle in trying to reach out to their own kids.  

I just hope and pray that as a mother, I will be able to continuously teach and guide them to the right path.. until my dream comes true…and theirs too, after mine.







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