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Posted by Paulyn on Tuesday , November   25 , 2014 at 10:41 am

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Nov 25
2 Peter 3

Peter reminds us to remember the words that the Prophets have given in the past, as well as the commands given by Jesus through the apostles

The scoffers will come and they will constantly tempt us into disbelief. They scoff at the Lord’s coming, thinking that the day will never come, even when they know that God created the world, and has once destroyed it by water. God has His own plans. They compare themselves to the Lord who is too great and incomparable, one day of the Lord is a thousand years. His day will come, and no one knows when. We should be grateful that we can prepare for the Lord’s coming because when God decides, all ungodly will be destroyed.

Let us be careful with understanding, listening to the interpretation of the Scriptures by others, or even by us that we do not twist or distort the words, because this leads to destruction.

We have been warned to be on guard, and to constantly grow in the grace and knowledge of Jesus our Lord.

Remember the words of the prophets – we need to constantly read and learn more about the words of God, shared to us by the prophets and the apostles of Jesus Christ

We need to be careful about those who ridicule, scoff, and distort the words of God – to be careful not to be influenced by their thoughts. God is all-powerful; we don’t know what His plans are, or when He decides on anything about this world. It can be the end today or tomorrow. For as long as God gives us another day to live, to repent and obey His commands, let us be grateful for the opportunity for we may never know the end can be anytime.

We need to grow in the grace and knowledge of Christ – to constantly read the Word of God, constantly study and know more and more about what God’s message to us is for this lifetime He has given us. That way our growth will prepare us for the coming of the Lord.

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