A Jollibee Birthday Party

Posted by Paulyn on Tuesday , October   9 , 2007 at 6:18 pm

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Sunday was a really busy day for all of us! We celebrated Angelee’s 4th birthday at Jollibee Don Antonio Hts. We arrived at the venue at exactly 2pm. Our friends Joanna and Deck and their kids were already there.

Upon entering the function room, we instantly noticed that the name of Angelee was misspelled “ANGELE”. David immediately called the attention of the crew on duty about the misspelled name. According to the staff, they didn’t have enough “E”s, so they just decided to put her name up that way! Talk about the dumbest excuse they could come up with! So they asked for a nickname, and when I replied “AGEEBEAR”, obviously, they didn’t have enough letters for that nickname either. So we opted to shorten everything with “AGEE”. 

Funny, before the event, I actually had that strange feeling that something would go wrong, somewhere. In all my experiences with Jollibee service, if it were not the excuse of having no available softdrinks, or a phone not working, it had to be a manager going on leave and forgetting to endorse my reservation AND THEN passing the buck to someone else after this failure! Well last Sunday wasn’t an exception. This time they didn’t have enough letters on their alphabet! LOL! They never seem to miss, do they? We were so dismayed, considering the fact that they had a whole week to prepare for that birthday party! It just so happened that Angelee really wanted to see Jollibee on her birthday.

Anyway, to give some credit to them, the party turned out well. The cousins came a bit late as the rain poured hard for almost an hour or so. David started off by leading the prayer, and the games began. Everyone was already enjoying the games when the Jollibee mascot entered the room. Angelee was so elated! She ran to him and welcomed him with the tightest hug she could give! She didn’t seem to care how huge the mascot was! Jollibee joined the kids’ games and entertained everyone in the party. He had a silly dance number and the kids were so happy! So party ended with our birthday wishes for her. All the kids went home with little giveaways and balloons for everyone. All’s well that ends well…

Here’s the slideshow I made to collect all the pictures we took last Sunday.

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Comment by Baby

Made Sunday, 14 of October , 2007 at 5:08 pm

Hi, are your comments working?

Comment by Keli

Made Saturday, 29 of December , 2007 at 5:30 am

What a very cute slide show! Thanks for sharing – you look like you have a very attractive, happy family!

Comment by janine

Made Thursday, 21 of May , 2009 at 11:26 am

hi thanks to jollibee party

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